Executive Energy Training

Knowledge transfer is the common link to all our activities and projects.
Rich in experience acquired over 30 years of development and operation of power plants, LAFAGE ENERGIE develops training modules dedicated to the entire energy chain, from the origin of the fuel, to the production of electricity.

Covering all contractual, technical and financial aspects, our training courses are based on concrete projects, and integrate a predominant environmental dimension and essential to the energy transition, in order to give managers and future decision-makers, all the elements of decisions
allowing them to apprehend the challenges linked to energy production.

The training we provide covers all areas of our business such as :

  • Energy issues and markets
  • Development of the entire fuel supply chain
    • Production and fuel supply
    • Purchase and sale contract
  • Investment, development and production of electricity:
    • Technical, economic and contractual study of projects
    • Choice of strategies and technologies adapted to the context of the country and our customers
    • Project financing
    • Concession, production and sale of electricity contract
  • Implementation of the energy transition and associated means of production
  • Management of a production fleet and operational excellence
  • Electricity markets