Lenders Advisory & Expertise

Lenders Advisory

  • Technical, legal and financial feasibility study for electricity production
  • Audit of the Public Service Delegation contract
  • Technical and financial expertise of energy production facilities – Due Diligence
  • Realization of master plans and strategic planning of energy production systems
  • Recruitment and structuring of strategic and operational operating poles

International Expertise

  • Audit and due diligences of electricity production and distribution companies
  • Expertise and acceptance test of the production units of the various energy producers on an international scale
    • America: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
    • Africa: Ivory Coast, Gabon, Togo, Nigeria, Senegal
    • Continental Europe
    • Middle East: United Arab Emirates
    • Pacific, Atlantic & Indian Ocean: Caribbean islands, Polynesia, Guyana, Reunion Island, Vanuatu, New Caledonia