Lionel Lafage

President and CEO

Our company LAFAGE ENERGIE specializes in the fields of development and operation of power plant projects and associated infrastructures for fuel supply and delivery.

With an experience of more than 30 years covering the fields of engineering, operation and strategic development, LAFAGE ENERGIE is a member of the grouping of Electric and Gas Industries (IEG), as well as of the European Turbine Network ETN and the Energy for Africa Association (ADEA)

It is structured with technical, contractual and financial expertise enabling it to support governments, communities and investors in the creation of projects and solutions that are optimized and adapted to the problems encountered throughout the energy chain, whether
they are fossil, renewable or hybride.

Our skills have thus enabled us to successfully meet the expectations of our customers through the development of technologies adapted to each context such as emerging countries, widely interconnected European regions, and island networks, as well as private systems intended to industrialists.

The 4 major pillars and areas of competence guaranteeing the support of our partners are as follows :

  • Assistance to the Contracting Authority and the expertise of electrical production assets
  • Development of energy strategies and projects
  • The management and operation of power plants
  • The training and recruiting leaders in the fields of energy management and production